Release Notes

23/6/2017 - Version 5.2.125 - 5eb346c

- Saves drafts of emails as they are written so there is a saved backup when emails fail to send or be saved in the outbox

- Checking for mail server errors when emailing, and logging them in logfile

- Trimming blank space and null data from emails being imported into ecare to prevent errors


15/5/2017 - Version 5.2.124 - 8211288

- Set up SSL redirection for live sites to default to SSL

- Double sending of emails - checks for duplicate email addresses when sending emails

- Fixed problem where you can't search for deleted patients by name in main contact search

- Fixed null error message when sending emails.

14/2/2017 - Version 5.2.123 - 175c4e9

- Updated Copyright Date

- Renamed "Send Test Email" button in MessageTemplate

- Fixed error with create episode in peoplesummary

- Colour coded entries in scheduler to separate appointments from scheduled services

- Increased character limit in referralreason form field to 200

3/2/2017 - Version 5.2.122 - 16dfab4

- Option to make contact inactive when the client is marked as deceased

- Added deceased text to search results and people summary and sidebar

- Modifications to Label Generator layout and data

- Deceased can't be checked if active episodes.

- Updating doctor availabilties now updates for Zedmed linked organisation

30/11/2016 - Version 5.2.121 - 3436268

- Fixed error with createinvoice

- Fixed error with schedule calendar mode

- Allowed Mobile App Sites/Programs to be updated from ecare

- Added DVA Data uploading and custom billing fields for invoices

- Loggin Errors in SendMessage

27/01/2017 - Version - backported edition

- Fixed error preventing Respiratory Assessment from printing

- Added '(Deceased)' Text after contact name main in Contact Search when they have been marked as deceased

- Modified ERMS-Referral Import to handle Referral Reasons with up to 200 characters

04/11/2016 - Version 5.2.120 - b7ce6f9

- Fixed ToDos items where selected completed episodes were not displaying in the list of episodes

- Fixed SMS sending for Australian phone numbers

- Added url encoding on contact searches to stop rogue characters from breaking search

21/09/2016 - Version 5.2.119 - d2cab18

- Fixed ordering problem in contact search

- Fixed problem with episodes being completed when there are still existing active items

- Fixed problem in the people match search results when there is no ID Number - Changed position of 'Bulk Upload' button

09/09/2016 - Version 5.2.118 - 5121526

- People match will show results for name match or id match

- Added New Assessment Question Type 'AutoTotalling' which will save a total score for selected single/multiple choice questions

- Fixed error with Note Dates

- Made change to error screen so users can report error directly and also log a support request

- Fixed display of Locations/Teams in main contact search

- Tidied up Assessment Setup Form so that the list of answers will only appear for single/multiple choice questions

- Added SelectAll checkbox up the top of the Setup->Forms->Menu setup screen

5/08/2016 - Version 5.2.117 - 7ad966c

- Fixed saving of Decline Notes in Eligibility Screen

13/07/2016 - Version 5.2.116 - 394911b

- Created form for setting up location types

- Fixed some performance and stability issues

- Created Form for uploading medicare schedules and classifications into ecare

- Created Medicare Matching screen to match medicare schedule items against ecare services

- Saves the users Primary Team against any ToDo Items created as part of a referral

- ToDo filters on the front page will now be retained for the entire day even if you log out

31/05/2016 - Version 5.2.115 - 218d942

- New Menu options for Zedmed data linking

- Checking for data conflicts in Zedmed when changing appointment booking times

20/05/2016 - Version 5.2.114 - 247668c

- Implemented Zoom video into ecare chat

11/05/2016 - Version 5.2.113 - a690e15

- Displaying filter at the top of contact search

- Creates default location and teams when creating a new ecare organisation

- Encrypting data during transfer to Zedmed systems

- Alterations to resource setup form to also create data for external resources

- Fixed Zedmed syncing to stop bringing back appointments without a patient

- Changes to booking detail screen to be able to insert Appointments and Patients into zedmed

18/04/2016 - Version 5.2.112 - 662c9b8

- Fixed problem with linking up outgoing messages to the incorrect person which was making messages appear in the wrong lists

- Added Alias on IDNumber label in the top search mini popup

- Added Episode Number to Episodes Created report

- Fixed some performance and stability issues

- Zedmed setup form added to Coordination Menu, only appears if a Zedmed organisation

01/04/2016 - Version 5.2.111 - 186690b

- Zedmed Integration to sync patients and appointments between Zedmed and eCare

- Stopped Chat icon appearing against an entry in Contact Search when that entry is related to your own login

- Added a 'You' icon next to your own entry in Contact Search to identify your own record more easily

- Link up programs and location/sites within 'Locations for Program's form. Changes only appear if you use BC web application

- Fixed problem with saving ReasonForReferralCode in basic Intake form

10/03/2016 - Version 5.2.110 - f67bfb3

- Documents transferring across fully when People are merged

- Fixed saving and displaying of Reason for Exit in Discharge forms, 'Other' textbox displaying in Acceptance form

- ToDo Referrer and Organisations change when referrers are changed on Intake forms

- Removed rogue html appearing in note printing

- Fixed error in adding a new organisation from the setup form

26/02/2016 - Version 5.2.109 - a28f4f5

- Link to Edit Individual Measure in Care Plan Summary

- Fixed saving and displaying of Reason for Exit in Discharge forms

- Fixed the Referrer Name and Organisation refresh on Intake page when you change it more than once

- ToDo Referrer and Organisations change when referrers are changed on Intake forms

- Fixed problem with Email addresses disappearing when you add attachments to messages

- Fixed slowness issue when loading People Summary

18/02/2016 - Version 5.2.108 - Build 0596287

- Stopped duplication of Programs and Service Types when selecting them once in Intake Form

- ToDo items displaying under Summary Page and Patient Summary

- Stopped ToDo Notes appearing multiple times, and html coding appearing in History

- Stopped HTML coding appearing in Notes in summary page

- Decline function fixed in Acceptance Page

- Fixed problem where 'No' is not able to be initially selected as an assessment answer, which occurred on particular questions

- Automatic People Matching from Messages has been changed so that people will have to be manually matched unless there is both a matching NHI and Surname with an existing record

- Fixed Region list in Suburb Setup form

12/02/2016 - Version 5.2.107 - Build 3096c74

- Assessment section report split up by section

- Tidied up Assessment Sequence selection in Programs setup

- NHI displayed in Capitals. Firstname and Lastname have initial capitalisation when entering them.

- Added GP Fax Number to AssessmentPrint

- Auto Email and Phone lookup when sending emails (displays as you type)

06/01/2016 - Version 5.2.106 - Build f25b360

- Setup form for reports to show/hide which reports appear in the reports men. Available under Setup -> Forms -> Reports

- Mandatory sections when doing assessments

- Basic Suburb setup form, available under Setup -> Forms -> Suburbs

- When searching for a contact in People Match, the people type automatically filters

- Accept and discharge function when accepting episodes

- Added extra phone numbers to Daily Activity and Staff Schedule Reports

- ToDo Notes appear in history

- Forwarding Emails functionality

16/12/2015 - Version 5.2.105 - Build 1a0f8f9

- ToDo List efficiency improved on the home page
  - Initial load will not show Completed/Cancelled Items, and they will not be retrieved from the database to speed up load times    - When no filters are selected, the ToDo List dates will default to the last 2 weeks (14 days)

- After matching a non-HL7 message and returning to the message preview page, the attachment no longer opens a second time

- After matching a non-HL7 document and clicking Matched on the message preview page, user will now be taken to the Intake page rather the Documents page

- Added NHI to search fields when searching contacts on matching

- Scripted Date now appears on prescriptions

07/12/2015 - Version 5.2.104 - Build d816cc6

- ToDo List efficiency improved on the home page
  - Reduced the size of the list appearing on screen to 10 items at once (this can be adjusted by Nexus to a higher number if required)
  - Added page-ing to decrease loading times by only loading data as it is requested
  - When no filters are selected, the ToDo List dates will default to the last month (30/31 days)

- Cleanup of config files (background alteration only, not visible in system)

- Fixed some performance and stability issues

- 8/12/2015 - Altered INR Report to allow INR Measures outside of the 1.0 - 4.4 shown on the report

01/12/2015 - Version 5.2.103 - Build 93830d8

- ToDo Notes now visible under Summary

- Phone Notes now visible under Summary

- Ordering Issues under Assessment Setup

- Fixed some performance and stability issues

- Grouped items together on Summary Page

23/11/2015 - Version 5.2.102 - Build 90985ca

- Daily Activity Report - combined Admission Date, Referral Reason and Primary Diagnosis into one column. Changed Referrer to Lead Provider

- Episodes Created and Incoming Messages Report default to today's days only

- Deleting documents from an Episode - this can be done from within the Summary module under 'Documents' tab

- Entering date of birth on intake page without slashes now defaults the year to 1900

- HPI Number can be added for a provider by going to people summary, clicking 'Edit' on attributes, then clicking 'Health provider'

- HPI Number included when merging providers

10/11/2015 - Version 5.2.101 - Build 5596b70

- Can now rename and delete stored documents by clicking on the [Edit] link, under episode-summary documents or under the 'add Document' link

- Pending Audit report no longer returning complete patients

- ToDO filters are saved when the home page refreshes

- Phone Numbers are coming in from ERMS messages

- Attached documents can now be seen in the Outbox

- Patient outbox will show sent messages for all future messages

- Print Layout altered for Episode Summary Notes

- When linking stored document to a ToDo or attaching to message, will now show the document name entered rather than the attachment filename

- Viewing History is no longer returning data for all patients, just the selected patient

- Stopped calls from displaying multiple times

- Fixed random 'freezing' when entering notes

- Creating ToDos from within summary module in an episode now links the episode correctly

- Removed alerts for Pending episodes for all future episodes

- Daily activity report will list all visits for a patient on that particular day, rather than just one

- Patient NHI search has been improved, and added to the top magnifying glass shortcut

- Added ability to show a warning label in the header that warns users when a system update will be taking place

- Release notes can now be seen by clicking on the version number in the footer of the page